Q5D are combining existing technologies to make revolutionary new machine tools that will change the way that manufacturing is done

Imagine the control panel of a washing machine where all the components and wiring are printed into plastic front panel, or a car door or airline seat where the wiring is autonomously printed onto the frame work.

CNC / Additive Manufacture

By combining additive manufacture and the axis from a 5-axis milling machine produces a machine with unprecedented flexibility and power. This gives:

  • Print directly onto an existing component
  • Faster printing
  • More complex geometries
  • Less waste
  • Stronger pieces
  • Smoother curved surfaces

Incorporation of wiring

Can spool wiring directly into the piece as it is printing, this provides:

  • Lighter components
  • More complex 3D wiring
  • Higher quality
  • Lower cost
  • More robust pieces

Printed Electronics

M-Solv have patented a combination of ink-jet deposition of copper ink followed by laser sintering. This provides:

  • Better performance than the competition
  • Less expensive circuitry
  • More complex circuitry
  • Lighter components
  • Micron scale accuracy

Pick and place robot

A pick and place robot will make it possible to automate the addition of connectors, electronics and other components. This makes it possible to:

  • Create complete assemblies
  • Seamless incorporate production into manufacturing
  • Completely automate the production